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I do not know when going to sleep in a tent While waiting for an ambush mission Will cause bugs Enemies do not come in the direction of the deadline when I have time, and I cannot get out of the battle.

Be me
Wandering the war torn land
Finds a dark skinned small woman
"Care to join me"
Wander around some more
Find an old tank in need of repairs
Hit the fucking jackpot
Climb into tank with my newfound allie

Being making our way towards the mine

Steamroll it cuz I have a tank

OK, couldn't do a lot due to bug on Linux where you get stuck at the end of Camp loading (the progress bar is filled, but nothing happens and CPU continues running at 100%). I could see the beginning of the tutorial and enter the Squad setup screen correctly, though.

Found a typo: first tutorial screen with the world map: puruers -> pursuers

On Linux, when you get back from the Squad screen the screen glitches (flickers between some loading screen and the map tutorial).

Also, when I Close the world map tutorial, the menu Squad-Camp-Menu appears below normally, but the world map stays in the background. Is that indended?

I saw from comments below that you will be testing Linux soon, so I understand if there are platform-specific issues. I'll check it again on Windows and tell you.


this is a great game! actually spent alot of time on this compared to all of the games on this website! truthfull

Alright, you got me... What am I supposed to click on to launch the game in Linux.

You run UW_v0.5.3.x86_64 which comes in the zip along side the UW_v0.5.3_Data folder. You might need to go into properties and give it permission to be executed as a program. I hope this helps.

G'day im enjoying UW alot however whilst playing i've come across an issue. whilst setting up camp, when i go into the inventory to place a tent or campfire, i right click it then exit the inventory and the green tent disapears and it doesnt spawn. any help would be mad. cheers

i played a bit but when i found a camp the tents were on the air high above the ground (they worked but they were flying), i think the AI should not all spawn in a corner because its hard to get them all (you can throw a grenade) but they seem to flock around the spawnpoint untill you attack them.

i like the idea and will play the game more to give more feedback


This game is much like JA2 however, has it's own style. I happen to like it a lot, the style also reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles. Although I really do think the real-time gameplay here is one of the best I have ever seen. So many games have tried real-time strategy squad based gameplay and failed, yet this game succeeds at it.

Thank you for playing UW and your kind words!

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All right, I've tested the beta of the game as much as possible. In order to explain what is in the game from my point of view and what I expect in the full version
I have to tell you before i play
Company of hero 2 / Total war Shogun 2 / Skirmish line
I went through these war games So if I talk about certain systems that your game doesn't have Meaning that I put them from these games But I will tell you all the points in the description. I am not very good at English, if you do not understand any, please specify

For Unconventional Warfare It's a game style I've been waiting for a long time. A battle plan for Real time with cute girls to fight in the battlefield And can also wear equipment for them
All that is what I want at first level.

Brief review
Unfortunately, UW games still can't make me feel that this is a war game. What I can feel throughout playing is that this is a game of adventure, a group of people traveling from place to place. No unit was created. No squad 2 squad 3 has been created / the importance of defending the city / resources / transportation, supplies / or allied support
But I understand that this is beta or you might have a logical reason to explain it But since I only tested v0.5.3, so I didn't know what the content was before. For graphics There is beauty based on current indie games. But Destroying walls or obstacles system, I haven't seen that, or have to adjust. the graphics to a high?

What I expected to see before the full version (Means the last beta)

1. The sound system of the game has been improved. Due to the fact that I played the sound effect very lightly But another important thing is the master voice that it takes money to hire a voice actor But hopefully there will be a beta before full game (I don't have much problems with the song if you don't put it in beta)

2. System to create squad 2 - 5 for use in warfare This system I can give an example from Total war to make it feel like a battle game. Attacking the enemy Distribution of duty Seize the supply route.

2.2 Basic Unit to Special Unit. This is what I think of the squad system, the military in many levels. Or may refer to other characters, for example
This soldier can build every city. But this soldier will only have some cities Or this soldier can only be created when the player Upgrade company
I will give an example as in images.

2.3 For girls or other important characters.I can suggest that they should have a city or address clearly.
Such as Katat that was born in the city of Ankuwa only.If we want her to join the army, must hire or do missions But please be clear in which city they live in
Because in beta they seem to be born Being in a random location, and the 3-4 soldiers will not have a mark indicating where they are

2.4 Capture area
I have pressed in Area capture mode But didn't see anything different from normal I don't know what to do But if you haven't wear it yet, I would suggest.
It is the same as Girl frontline games.
That must be identified as a defensive force and an attack Which if wanting to capture the aircraft base that is in the enemy's territory Will not be able to capture the area if there is only one team But if two teams come together in an adjoining position, they can seize the area

4. Fix bug
This is normal to see events in beta.But I will report what I found in beta Hahaha!

Abandoned camp
After loading camp old use, I found that the tent can float.

The tank had a problem with obstacles.
The tank cannot penetrate many trees or go up a high hill. It will fall into the ground or as you can see in the picture. And it will explode

Katya cannot use a rifle or a shotgun.
I don't know where the problem came from. But she can only use a handgun

I forgot what her name is. But when entering the camp And have her dig a bunker or set a campfire The position her stand with the model is far apart.

Lost model
It seems to happen if katya enters tank and comes out. I think that

Don't have to explain much, but I'm not serious, haha.

5.Digging holes or placing tents
It is heartbreaking that I can't Can rotate or change the angle of sap or tent

6. Character player
This is what I thought since the beginning of the game. Or it can be said that it is really a personal need For players characters.

7.Story mode and Capture mode
This is again my personal feeling that These two modes should be separated. 
So that players can do things that are clearly different 

Story mode
story mode, players simply Focus on fighting in the area No need to plan Manpower a in world map.
I would like to give an example from the game wargroove.
Fighting in the area
Story path
I didn't mean to be a turn-based game. But just give an example

 Capture mode. It's the same as explained in the previous two topics.
Is the war  and Create a partner for the city defense or attack on the ground If the important character dies They just go to recuperate in their city. And waiting for new employment It is planning the manpower in world map

8.Battle map improvements
I have to say that some places there There is not enough cover problem. I mean, the position where the enemy is is an open area. And they are in a group Not separate like in the city
And if I don't have a tank Overcoming these numerous enemies is a difficult matter.

9." Z " X "
After I zoomed out, I couldn't zoom in again.

After the fight was over, I was unable to use the nursing box for the injured character.

What I hope to see in the full version

1.Trading of more interesting
It is a big problem that players have items to sell to the stores, but the shops do not have interesting items to sell to the players.
For example, banbelier-leg Is something that is very rare in some games I'm not sure if it is for sale at a specific location or not. I will try to observe. Or is a random sale in the city

2. Fix Battle of shirasaka
I see that this place is beautiful, but not yet good for fighting. Since there is no shelter and the building is not able to enter
And there are bugs Enemy in the house He can shoot at us but we can't shoot it. If there were no bombs, he couldn't kill him.

3.Fix sap 
Another problem with ordering soldiers to stay in the sap. If pressing the command is not sap.Unit won't go anywhere or walk miss.

4.The world is big. Sure, this is a beta game. Therefore, the world that is now seen is still small to test the system.

I hope to see
M1911 / mp1918 / m1918 /thompson gun / Heavy machine gun / Anti-tank gun Or howitzer
And flamethrower hahaha
or weapon other in ww1

6.A variety of vehicles
A7V / Armored car / Büssing A5P / MkV (Yes, I know it is, but I hope to drive it myself.)
And Air ship (I am joking)

This topic may include horses, but this one depends on whether you are wearing horses or not.

7.New character or uniform
Hope to see the character outfit changes or maybe new characters wearing sniper / mechanic suits / medic / officer
And adding a slot to wear a mask I don't mean to wear a helmet, I mean a mask For wearing Gas mask / Nurse mask / Iron mask
And finally, I would like change color of Headgear ?
From brown to blue or blue? I feel that it doesn't match the dress color. But at this point it's up to you

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ iron mask ww1

According to the topic, I hope to be able to set a button that can be pressed to use the nursing box. Immediately in combat No risk. Right click on the box in the bag.

A few questions in this beta
1. The fifth member can't have in this beta? Because after I finished playing two rounds There are usually only four members. The fifth person cannot be found.
2. In the full version, will we be able to capture tanks from enemies?
3.Other faction in the game Will British, Australian, Russian, French, and Canadian armies will have these faction.In the full game or not ?
4.Enemies in beta are forces. Ottoman mixed Italian army?
5.Is the general battle location randomly generated?

These are all feelings and things that I hope to see more in the future.
This is considered a good start. I will try to support the creation of games as much as I have.
Have fun with the game development.
And sorry if it makes you uncomfortable or annoyed.

Thank you for the bug reports and sharing your ideas! I love them!


All right, now that I've played a good deal of 5.1 and have drafted my comment satisfactorily, I have returned to post my feedback. Overall, this has been a very nice update, the new weapons and the return of the skill (now class) menu are very nice and thoroughly enjoyed. The new game mode is fun as well, and makes replayability very easy. This is another doozy of a comment, so I would suggest getting comfortable before reading it.


Bugs (ordered most severe to least severe):

  • After closing the game and loading a save, no one would attack. Period. Distance and direct orders did nothing. I did neglect to attempt attacking the ground, however. After throwing my only grenade, the enemies all scattered but no combat followed.
  • After closing the game and loading a save, I attempted to give my units new pieces of equipment, but the stats would no longer change to match the new equipment. Also occurred after using the "retry" option after losing a fight.
  • I don't really want to mention this one because it's fun, but alas it is a bug. When attacking ground, you can aim past the maximum range. This can be done with any weapon, and their accuracy does not seem to go beneath their furthest accuracy. This results in being able to snipe with rifles past their intended range.
  • The wooden wall segment/scaffolding that you can drive the tank through didn't break when I drove through it, I had moved the camera away when it happened the first time but upon trying again it continued being in place. The tank was able to pass, but no damage to the structure occurred. The infantry units were unable to go through.
  • The "Blistered Foot" and "Cuts" wounds heal, but I have not seen "Broken Arm", "Bullet Wound", or "Incapacitated" drop below 100%.
  • Upon reaching the final map, I was unable to actually do the final fight. I let the convoy arrive, and the enemies following me had pretty much caught up.
    • After quitting the game and loading my save, it said that I was not alone at the location and then sent me to the final map.
  • The incapacitated status doesn't seem to prevent the unit from fighting, despite the description text.
  • Firing at the ground with a helmet equipped can result in the unit hurting themselves.
    • Encountered most commonly with Amal, especially common with shotguns.
  • Manual target orders are sometimes followed briefly only for the soldier to change targets shortly after, sometimes to less-likely-to-hit and/or further away targets. Sometimes even targets out of range.
  • The Nagant revolver currently reloads all rounds at once, instead of one-at-a-time.
  • I decided to set up an ambush for an enemy when prompted, and proceeded to do so. We were attacked shortly before the actual targets arrived and were still dealing with them when the actual targets arrived. At this point, the objective appeared and said to "Eliminate all enemies (4/-1). Upon defeating them all (10/-1), we were not declared victorious.
  • Right-clicking on items in units' inventories while in combat will sometimes still register a right-click command (move, attack) to the area behind the menu.
    • Similar issue with left-clicking on the side-menu items, including the pause/play/fast-forward buttons while camping.
  • When engaging the enemies at the supply cache in the first area of the map, you will receive the loot before the mission and items again after the mission.
    • Presumably the cache contents and the standard combat spoils respectively, but it would still make more sense to have both be received upon winning the fight.
  • The hotkeys for the units don't work when you're hovering your mouse over their portraits.
  • On the squad screen, the "Skill" button turns into a "Class" button upon pressing it.
  • The description for the Scout class says that their benefits are at the cost of an inventory slot, yet they gain one when selecting the class.
  • The number of soldiers stated in the dialog prompts preceding combat sometimes does not correlate to the number of soldiers encountered. (For instance, it might say three soldiers, only to have two enemies present)
  • Dug trenches don't seem to apply cover in consistent directions.
  • The "Level Up" message on the end-of-combat screen does not always appear.
  • If you save the mechanic's workshop, it will say that he repaired your vehicles even if you have no vehicles.
  • If you save the mechanic's workshop, enter the squad menu, and then return to the map, the message about repairing your vehicles will reappear.

Not sure if the following three are bugs or not, so I am including them just in case.

  • The "trader owes" value carries over between different traders.
    • Truth be told it's very useful since you can keep your inventory free of loot while also getting "credit" for it all.
  • Trader and black market encounters can happen in towns where traders are already available.
  • Characters can be level 0 when recruited.



The new pieces of character art are very nice, though I have noticed a few inconsistencies.

  • Helena's in-combat model and chibi art both have breast pockets, while her character sheet art does not.
  • Zuhra and Amal's character models and character sheet art are both very close in skin tone, while Amal's chibi art has a much darker skin tone than Zuhra's.
  • Amal and Helena's chibi art seems to have thicker black lines and overall appear to be larger in size while also having smaller bodies when compared to the others.
    • It could just be that the lines seem larger because the chibis seem larger - although these are just observations made from the brief instances of seeing them and without having the others visible for side-by-side comparison.

It is worth noting that I very much enjoy all of the character art. Although I'm not fond of when feet (socks on or otherwise) are shown in their chibi forms, as the cylindrical shape of them kinda weirds me out.



  • Weapon Info Panels
    • Change "Clip Size" to "Ammunition Capacity" in the weapon info panels to correctly encapsulate all firearms. It would also line up better with the two stats above it, for an aesthetic boost.
    • Add stats for weapon accuracy
    • Add a measurement unit for range
  • Increasing the squad inventory size upon acquiring a vehicle would be wonderful, the amount depending on the particular vehicle.
  • Increasing the rifle range by 10-20 units so they can more effectively outrange pistols, giving each weapon a more exclusive niche. Lessening the maximum-range accuracy so as to maintain the current accuracy slope would also be good.
  • Indicators on the character portraits for their current statuses (hunger, tiredness, wounds) on the world map that share the severity color and hover-over details as the character sheet indicators. A "LVL" indicator would also be nice, to remind the player of unspent level ups.
  • Traders refreshing their stock every few days, freeing up their inventory and changing some of their items for others (while still being the items that are found at traders in that area).
    • Maybe allow for "asking the trader to hold onto an item (or items)" (locking an item for you to return to purchase later). If the trader has rotated stock since then, maybe increase the price slightly for the "service fee."
  • Being able to sell more items to traders would be nice. Not as important if they refresh their stock.
  • Being able to specify an amount to split a stack by would also be nice.
  • Food can be kind of hard to keep up sometimes (and other times it's incredibly easy). Food relying completely on RNG is a bit of a bother, maybe allow for alternative food acquisition methods. Below are two possibilities:
    • Hunting - uses ammunition, risks injury (if it is an aggressive animal or due to friendly fire), potentially draws unwanted attention to the squad (risking enemies showing up to see what the gunfire's about). Might result in a lot of food, opening trade opportunities while also serving as a means of getting food if you need it.
    • Foraging - searching the area for fruits, berries, and other edibles. Unlikely to yield much (depending on location and skill) and potentially time-consuming, but doesn't draw unwanted attention.
    • The food acquired through these methods could be perishable, limiting their usefulness to a few days (depending on the type of food) given the unrefrigerated circumstances the group is carrying them. This would allow MREs to still be desirable.
  • Making the health display of the left-hand portraits circular, as they are on the over-head indicators. This would allow for better clarity at a glance, since the background filling up can be obstructed by headgear (especially helmets), making it harder to notice units' health dropping.
  • A button and/or hotkey specifically to have the selected unit back up, mostly meant for vehicles but might have other uses - especially if crewed weapons are added.
  • Weapon proficiencies - as a unit uses a certain type of weapon, their ability with that type increases, resulting in them performing better with that weapon type.
    • This would allow for units' favorite weapons to also be their best weapons while also not keeping them from being just as good with any other weapon as any other soldier.
    • Only the "human" stats would be affected: accuracy, reload speed, aiming speed, and cycle speed (in the case of manually-cycled weapons).
    • The stats of the gun would remain the same - such as cyclic rate, ammunition capacity, and damage (and for shotguns, average grouping size and pellet count).
  • A character sheet for vehicle(s), so you can check their damage levels, weapon stats, etc.
  • The sniper encounter is dreadfully demoralizing. Hadn't gotten a tank despite visiting most sectors once when I had it happen. Opted to use 40 ammo and risk three members, ended up losing two members (savior and sniping victim) purely due to RNG. I would prefer if this were an actual encounter, starting with one unit down (in the recoverable state), escape possible through the edges of the map, and the enemy sniper visible and engageable (though outranging the player's non-snipers. Maybe 2x-4x normal rifle ranges).
  • An explanation of where the armor piercing rounds can be used in their description. Presumably only rifle-caliber and larger, but confirmation and explanation in the info box would be nice.



  • Will the shady guy that you can steal from eventually be a combat encounter, or will it always be a dialog fight?
    • Same question but for the wolf encounter.
  • Can the infantry armor and helmet be penetrated by a rifle (or larger) round?
    • What about by armor piercing ammunition?
  • Does the enemy ever carry armor piercing ammunition for use against the player?
    • If not, then will they ever?
  • Is the armor piercing ammunition for all classes or is it categorized as an "anti-tank weapon," limiting its use to the Support class?
  • Does the location of the hit determine the damage? Or does each unit have a single hitbox?
  • Are there any plans for back-up combat methods in the event the player runs out of ammunition?
  • Does a unit's sight stat affect their accuracy?
  • What is the timeframe of weapon and vehicle technology that will be present in the game? All of the weapons thus far have been WWI and earlier (barring the Fiat L5/30) - do you have a particular year in mind as to the "cut-off"?


A short story:

The first time I reached the last map in 5.0, I had forgotten my armor piercing ammunition and had not located a tank on the journey. Despite this I didn't worry, as it was surely just a light tank like the Fiat L5/30 we can get. Once it rounded the corner, however, I realized just how grave a mistake I had made. I had two grenades, and neither were direct hits. Needless to say, I lost, but the threat was not what I was expecting and the surprise was wonderful.



As said in my previous post, I have thoroughly enjoyed your game thus far and eagerly look forward to its future. I hope my feedback is helpful.

Keep up the good work, as always!

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Thank you so much for the longest and most well-written review we've had so far.  You've found a lot of new bugs and I see many good suggestions that we can apply to future versions. Some of your suggestions were actually what we're working on so it makes me happy to see it. It makes us feel more confident about the feature and it tells us how much you've played and thought about the gameplay of UW. 

To answer your questions : 

  • Will the shady guy that you can steal from eventually be a combat encounter, or will it always be a dialog fight?
    • Same question but for the wolf encounter.

Many dialogue fights will be a real fight in the later versions(such as sniper attacks or the shady guy fight) but the wolf encounter probably won't be a real fight due to its feasibility.

  • Can the infantry armor and helmet be penetrated by a rifle (or larger) round? 
    • What about by armor piercing ammunition?

Body armor will be pierced by AP ammo and in the future combat overhaul, we're thinking about adding durability to the armors so you can fix it during the camping section.

  • Does the enemy ever carry armor piercing ammunition for use against the player? 
    • If not, then will they ever?

Yes, the AI isn't in there yet, but the AI will pretty much be able to do what player can do eventually.

  • Is the armor piercing ammunition for all classes or is it categorized as an "anti-tank weapon," limiting its use to the Support class?

Hmmmm, this is a touch question since sub-classes are still being worked on, but for now I'm gonna say everyone can use AP ammo. We're trying to make the classes in a way that everyone can use any(if not most) weapons and tools but certain classes have special bonus or ability with them.

  • Does the location of the hit determine the damage? Or does each unit have a single hitbox?

There are 3 hitboxes(head, torso & legs) atm with no incoming damage difference. This will obviously change in the future so there are more hit boxes and headshot is causes more serious damage and etc. If you wear helmet and body armor, head and torso(front angle) gets covered so you sometimes get hit on your legs unless they are covered by obstacles.

  • Are there any plans for back-up combat methods in the event the player runs out of ammunition?

Not at the moment, but that's something to think about, especially if you felt the need.

  • Does a unit's sight stat affect their accuracy?

No, sight only affects their visibility which used to be more relevant when there was Fog of War in UW which was disabled due to some tech needs. The stats will be reworked during the combat overhaul and we'll work to see if we can(and want to) bring the Fog of War back.

  • What is the timeframe of weapon and vehicle technology that will be present in the game? All of the weapons thus far have been WWI and earlier (barring the Fiat L5/30) - do you have a particular year in mind as to the "cut-off"?

Easiest way to think of it is "before WW2". So some tech that's not used widely in WW1 but designed in between WW1 and WW2 can certainly be in UW. It's not a hard limit either. Just to keep the aesthetics consistent and with balancing in mind.

Thank you again and please join our discord server and talk with us directly there!

I realized that you don't use discord(although that'd be great cause we're very active in Discord) so no worries, just keep sharing your fantastic ideas with us here!


Thank you for your kind words regarding my review. Because I am very fond of this project, I try to make my feedback as detailed as possible (although I admit my comments can get rather long). I'm glad to hear that some of the things I suggested are already being worked on and I appreciate that you took the time to read through my post and answer my questions.


A few follow-up points:

Regarding some dialogue fights becoming real fights (especially the sniper one), that is wonderful news! I wasn't really expecting the wolves to become an actual fight but the thought entered my mind so I figured I'd ask.

I agree with your current position of having AP ammo being available regardless of class. Kind of like a fallback that any soldier can use in case more effective methods are unavailable or already expended.

A back-up form of combat seems like a whole lot of trouble for not a lot of benefit. Like the wolves, I wasn't really expecting it but was wondering so I asked. One possible way to help lessen the chance of players running out of ammo might be to guarantee a certain amount of ammunition at all traders, which would make sense seeing as how food/ammo almost act as currency anyway.


I sincerely appreciate your team, your willingness to interact with fans, and your game. Keep up the excellent work!


Thank you so much!


Oh **** that is a rwally long comment still respect for the effort  I didn't even notice most of the small bugs so gj in finding them

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ok i dont want to sound like a raging ***** (censored myself :D ) THE AI IS STILL FREAKING OP. each time its the same bull**** im getting owned.  And i know this sounds like its because im bad but actually(i play pretty much rts and that game type so i kinda know my way AI hits every freaking shot they fire its really annoying because even when im behind cover im just being swarmed because the enemy has so freaking many people on there squad.Now i dont want to say the game is bad far from it but REALLY please nerf the freaking AI its so annoying and i really dont want to play this game with these annoying op AI's its really just not fun anymore and if you dont want to nerf them completely then just put in difficulties. Positive things are the controls are amazing i like the character models and the random encounters are fun and interesting (except for the fights :C ) so keep the good work up. and i really dont want to sound ( like i sad already ) a raging and whining ***** so sorry if you think about this comment like this. I still think this game is fun and interresting so dont think i dont like this game.


Thank you for your feedback and you have nothing to be sorry about. This sort of honest critique is what we need to make the game better! The combat will go through some major overhaul so you have more control over the result of each combat with more things to do and thus more options to turn things around even when you're outnumbered. We did some balancing in the past few patches as a quick fix so please try that out and tell us what you think!


Well I did try out the 5.1 patch and it is much better now still a little bit to much for me but that could also only be me still I would appreciate it if you would build more difficulties in this game so very player can decide if they want an easy game or if they want to go and **** their nerves that's all I want to say well except for still I think this is a great game and I'm looking forward to future installments bye (and my criticism wasn't meant to be evil it is just really what I think about the Ai's power level)

your criticisms are on point and didn't sound evil at all! please keep sharing good ideas with us!


Good to know

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the new demo is unfair its not fun if the enemy has always a freaking double up + 1 against you i cant win a single battle anymore (ok still i look forward for the future of this game keep the good work up)


Mac Version is broken

I'm sorry to hear that. We were building Mac versions from windows just hoping it'd work. It was a poor choice as we don't have any way to test the build.

So we'll releasing just Windows and Linux versions for now. 

Mac version will come back asap when we have Mac machines to be able to test our builds.


I got to try it on Windows and it was amazing, I just thought I would let you know! keep up the amazing work!

Thank you so much!


Your game is tagged as erotic for some reason.


This has such potential to be a great game. With a bit of polish and better translation/ fluidity I could see buying this on Steam.

Thank you!


I tried you 0.4.57 demo in my MAC but it doesn't go after main menu. New Game button doesn't load the game engine and while Missions button render its own menu of missions I can't fire any mission. Any advice?

Hello! I apologize for the late reply. Unfortunately we do not have any MAC to test our builds (despite being able to build MAC ver. from Windows), We plan to be able to test MAC(and Linux) as soon as possible. I'm sorry for the trouble and if you don't mind, please give our next build a try, which will be released in about a month!

Hi, I'll look fordward for it!


This was a great game to play but I've found that whenever you either enter into combat or camp in the world map, the loading screen freezes and will not load.

Other than that, I really loved it!

Thank you for playing UW!
That sounds like a bug, we'll look into it to fix it. Thanks for the bug report, too!


Hi Duque, could you send me an e-mail to

Thanks! Mitsu

a really great and fun game i am really looking forward to the future of this game

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So far I have played two versions (I don't remember the first one I played but it was a few months back). This game seems like it could become something really cool, but it currently isn't there yet. Keep at it and you'll have something great. Hope you like lists, because I sure do.

Some positive aspects worth mentioning:

  • The weapons' 3D models are very nice and detailed, as is the tank's.
  • The gameplay itself is fun.
  • Getting to change units' equipment is nice, allows for more personalization.
  • Getting to camp is interesting, though the towns are close enough that there is never really much need to do so.
  • Interesting maps for the story missions.
  • Cute supporting characters.

Some negative aspects worth mentioning:

  • Currently only two guns: "bolt-action rifle"s and "pistol"s. MG08s are available for manning in some missions but you can't relocate them nor can you take one or acquire your own.
  • Enemies tend to throw their grenade even if they get downed while throwing it (I think at least, though I might be mixing that up with the older version I played).
  • No trading system - if you want a piece of equipment you have to get lucky and find it.
  • Rations are consumed automatically while traveling, making it difficult to keep any on you especially since you only have what you start with (which isn't much) and what you find.
  • Can only dig trenches while camping, cannot rotate trenches (to my knowledge).
  • Cover system is finicky. At times it is unclear what you can and can't shoot over. Characters don't seem to like poking out from around the corner to shoot.
  • Camera controls are lacking, can't freely angle it up/down more. Zoom doesn't actually zoom, but rather brings the camera closer to the ground.
  • Character models could use some improving IMO.

A few quibbles that I would like to list:

  • I'll get this one out of the way. The use of "clip" in weapon descriptions - while the rifle and pistol could use clips to reload, the rounds are still held in a magazine. For the most all-encompassing word I would suggest "capacity."
  • This might just be a design decision but the main character seems excessively massive compared to the supporting characters.
  • The weapons' icons, portrait display, and in-game display not matching.
    • Rifle
      • When Katya has a rifle her portrait seems to show her with a Garand, which is not a bolt-action rifle and holds eight rounds, not five.
      • In-combat the model is a bolt-action rifle. Maybe a Mosin-Nagant.
    • Pistol
      • The icons and portraits seem to all show what looks like an M1911, Browning Hi-Power, or similar.
      • In-combat the model is very clearly a Mauser C96.
      • Worth mentioning is that M1911s, Browning Hi-Powers, and Mauser C96s all have different ammunition capacities.
  • Character sheets do not have a comprehensive stat list, which would be a pleasant convenience.
  • Unclear range and accuracy values on weapons when viewed in the menus.
  • Pistols and rifles do the same amount of damage (IIRC, at least).

And finally, a few things I would personally like to see:

  • More weapons.
  • More equipment.
  • More character interaction and development.
  • Crew-served weapon deployment capabilities (such as bringing our own MG08). Similarly, being able to use the tank in random battles after getting it (I mean we have it with us at that point, seems kind of silly to not utilize it when we're attacked).
  • More units under my command at once.
  • Sandbags, barbed wire, and other player-placeable defenses.

Keep working on the game. Whether my thoughts mean anything to you is irrelevant to the fact that you have a great foundation for a great game. Keep at it, and don't give up. I look forward to this game's future.


Thank you for playing UW!

These are some great in-depth feedback that we're reading together as a team to take in to improve the game.

I can almost say that I agree with all your points, except for the bugs and design choices like MC being a relatively gaint(which will be less so once we have other tall characters).

We have new & accurate 2D sprites being worked by our artist and will gradually add more weapons and features to play with.

Thank you again and please try our future demos and share your thoughts!

Would be really great if you come hang out in our discord server : 


Thank you for the kind words regarding my comment. I will certainly be trying future demos and following your progress. Also, I sincerely appreciate the invitation to your Discord channel but I never use Discord. Should that change, however, I'll be sure to stop by and say hi.


hey there, I hope it isn’t too late to leave a reply about this amazing game

I downloaded this game and played it and so far, its fun! Despite a few questionable bugs and glitches that keeps making me reset my computer. Overall the story is compelling, the gameplay is fantastic and the characters are special in their own ways

I’m well invested and interested in it’s development and growth

I give my full support for it and I hope it’s not too late

(1) Some bugs I would like to include is resetting the mission, for some reason it resets the mission but keep the injuries my character sustain and used grenades that never returned 

(2) on mission 3 in Champaign mode, it seems that my objective is to eliminate 17 enemies which I believe is impossible because a sworn of enemies will just outnumbered my squad when one shot is sound. Plus, it’s made more confusing that in the mock mission mode to simulate the actual campaign mission 3, it’s objective differ and it made more sense than killing everybody just to get some parts for a tank. Would you mind look into that?

But overall, I’d say that this is a promising game with good story telling and lovable characters 

7/10 cute anime soldiers :>

Thank you for your review and I'm sorry for the late reply!

I'll take notes on the bugs you encountered and work on them. I believe the new update has the fixes if they are what I think they are.

If you don't mind, join our discord and hand out!

Thank you again for the detailed comments and kind words. This is what drives me to work harder on UW!


its really good and also really hard..... 

(1 edit)

Thank you for playing UW(and for recording & sharing it!)
This seems an older demo(v0.2x) of UW, have you tried our new demo(v0.4.1)?
If not, please do and tell us about it, too!


maybe its older demo, i forgot when i download it

It still gave us good feedback on what to improve nonetheless.
If you do try our new demo, tell us how you feel about the progress we've made so far!


will tell you if i play this again :)

Thanks! :D


So I haven't played this last build for long but here are a couple of early impressions.

I don't know if this is a bug but in the world map I started an encounter with some dudes and I thought that would be just one fight but it keeps putting me up to fight new dudes up to three times which I think it's kinda tiring.

The main thing that has bothered me and I don't think this happened in the last build I played but my units keep running around on their own free will while shooting, which normally puts them out of cover and I wonder if this is a bug or they just have free will, if they move to get close to shoot with more accuracy I don't think that's good, I want them to stay where I wanted and take my chances from there.

Anyway I'll post more impressions later after I play the whole thing.

thank you for playing UW!
It seems like the new "Move mode" isn't very clear to many players. so we'll work on making it more intuitive, but you can switch it from "Move at will" to "Hold position" by clicking the UI button next to character faces or by clicking "T" button.
thanks for your feedbacks here and from other messages!


any chance for a 32bit version?  ;;(

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble playing our demo.  Our build should support both 32bit & 64bit machines.
Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the problem you've encountered?


my pc just ask me to check if it is a 32x or 64x program. cannot even open.

We're working on to release a new demo soon and we'll be doubly sure on that part.
I'm sorry again and please come back to try the new demo in 3 weeks!


got it. thanks

please try our v0.4 build named "32bit" and tell us if it works!


well it works!

This game has a lot of potential, but is it still being worked upon or has it been abandoned? 


Thanks for playing UW!
We've been actively working on UW.
In order to focus on some big updates, we decided to skip the previous DemoDay submission.
We plan to have a new demo ready for the next DemoDay(
In the mean time, please follow us in twitter( and Discord( and help us improve!

I think it's incredibly scummy that you submitted this game, which was created a while ago, to this game jam. The theme is completely different than your game, and your team is too large to be allowed to even participate. You've done this entirely for cheap exposure.

(1 edit)

I'm sorry to hear about this. While it is true that I'm trying to get as much exposure as possible for feedback, I was making sure that it's not against each Jam's rules. Please let me know which jam it is and if I've missed any specification that I went against by submitting this, I'll remove the submission right away.


Which jam was it? this game is in a few jams


Well I skipped all the narrative but I liked the demo overall, feels like you are almost there to have a fully fleshed out demo that shows what the game will be all about.

My main nitpick is with the AI, they don't seem to be aware of each other not even at a minimum level and their reaction time feels unnatural and artificial. I'm guessing that giving them more human-like behaviour is something you plan to do anyway, it's just that I wished that they got startled for a sec after I starting shooting them and I also haven't noticed them moving strategically to search for cover or anything and that would be pretty cool. Since you have different ranks of enemies it would be even cooler if the higher ups moved faster or reacted faster but at the moment it sort of feels that the AI just flipped the switch between idle and combat state which feels really artificial.

The other complain I mentioned was that they are not aware of each other because I blasted half of the squad of this guy with a grenade and the other half with a exploding barrel and he hasn't moved an inch.

Poor guy maybe he is traumatised.

Anyway not the grenade neither the barrel alerted the rest of the squad and that annoyed me, it's probably easy enough to make a noise system or shared senses system between nearby characters and that would go a long way towards making them act like a real squad.

But anyway, congrats on the demo it was quite more polished than I expected and sorry for skipping the story but I get really bored with warfare plots and whatnot.

Thank you for playing and love your review!
AI is just functional at best atm, but yes, we're working to expand so that every type of unit feels unique.
I like your point on their reaction, how they feel rather robotic than human. Thanks for the good ideas!

Also we're testing & thinking to feature out how to make dialogues more optional, so players can play just for the combat.


just the look of the game is great i cant wait to play this week the game look like its going to be fun

Tank you! Please tell us what you think. Harsh critiques are very welcomed!


Hmm...Could use some music, but that's nitpicking. The main issue I've seen is when you tab out and work on something else--coming back to the game rewards you with a black screen, having only the characters available (at least during fights).

Thank you for your feedback! We'll work on fixing the issue you've  encountered(as well as adding music!)


Wow, a reply. I'm surprised at the level of service--normally indie developers don't bug fix.

Good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing all there is for this game. : >


without players, there no UW!
P.S. New version with improvements based on DD-20 will be uploaded in a few days, please check in next week for the update!