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- v0.8.1.2 Update fixing Linux launch crash


This isn't their war

Get these young soldiers into safety and in one piece.

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UW is still in an early stage of dev and we'd really like to get as many harsh critiques as possible. (Bug reports, too!)

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Duke - Programming
SmugDev - Programming
Cali - Programming
Marmo - Programming
Square - 3D Art
YM2612 - 3D art, technical art, level design
PMar - Story
Montie - 2D Art
DMT - 2D Art

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UW_v0.8.1.2_Build_Win_x86_64.zip 1.5 GB
Version 2 Jan 22, 2023
UW_v0.8.1.2_Build_Lin_x86_64.zip 1.7 GB
Version 2 Jan 22, 2023
UW_v0.8.1.2_Build_Win_x86.zip 1.5 GB
Version 2 Jan 22, 2023

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What is minimum requirements for this game?

I have played this on Gamejolt and it is difficult for me to...  get a straight shot in the first combat mission.

is this real? I've just saw hours and hours of dialogs


if you meant the latest post on steam, that update is not out yet. we're still working on it.

Any plans to bring the full release to Itch.io?


We'll release all updates and eventually the final release to itch at the same time as we do on Steam.


Great! Thanks a lot!

(1 edit) (+2)

Game is nice, waiting for talents update!

Amal having perfect fit of talents.

Weapon will not  degrade less than 20% + when units is near him they never jam their gun, so i can just not spend money and parts on repairing weapons)

Also when i`m giving sniper rifle to Bregg he can observe around of half map XD

Will you add digging like on the 4-th gif? It would be nice.

And there`s bug, on the start of battle on pause you can see ! sings from enemies, so this is making game easier. 

Thank you for playing UW!
Digging trench was in the old demos where you could play camping part of the game. That was taken out as it became too tedious after first few times. But maybe we can add trench digging in combat. no promise on that though.
Next update we're working on atm,will bring new abilities along with many other changes. 


if you can add moding and/or a sandbox that wood be cool


i really like the game it was very fun and i story and i really hope that the next update that we get to use the tank more


Thank you!
Tank update is a big behind the priorities so probably not in the next update, but we do plan on making it more useful. You'll certainly be able to acquire and use different types of tanks in the future.


Excellent work
i am making similar game for mobile, but it still in the begining.
if i can help you with anything please call my by email

Thank you!


HI! It`s me again.

I have a request. Could you uploud the pictures and the trailer on this page here? Becouse the most pictures has nothing more to do with the real game.

Best greetings.


Hello, IvanRebroff.
We'll replace the screenshots before or with the upcoming update.
We've recently updated to URP and wanted to replace them with new visuals.
Sorry for everything being slow but we're keep making progress!

Hehe, not for that.
Your Game is good, so the fact: that you are slow, is absolutly acceptabel.
Best greetings,


whoa way too big


Sorry about that. We'll do some file size optimization in the future, but it'll probably get bigger as we add more content.


I love your game so much ❤❤

Thank you for your kind words!


I need your help. Does anyone have any idea how to get past that heavily armored soldier in the bunker?



There are multiple ways to fight her, depending on the quality and quantity of your gear, and here are some of them:

  • Spread out your units in a way that some of your units draw out Fai's (heavily-armored boss of the level) fire, while the others attack her from the flank. Her armor is strongest at the front and weakest at the back.
  • Explosives work well in damaging armor. If you don't have enough grenades, lure her into the explosive barrels in the level and shoot it when she's close to it.
  • There are landmines in the level that you can pick up (by dragging and dropping to your inventory slot). Then you can right-click on the item to plant the landmine on the current position. Lure Fai near the mine, and it'll go boom! 

Best of luck, captain!


Thank you for helping me.
I will try it out now! thank you!



Nice Game!
I played it first yesterday and i enyoj it like nothing else.
Nice Grphic, Nice Story and nice design!
Im looking forward: That game is gona be Genshin impact of 2023!
Really nice.
In hope to see more of that,

thank you for the kind words! we'll work hard to get the next update asap!


As i said: Best of luck.
Im checking the website out in the next time and hope to support you and motivates you . . . ( somehow )

(1 edit) (+1)

how do i builld like this showed in traler stuff  also what happened to  the testing grunds? 


We used to have playable camping section where you can setup tents and dig trenches.

Through iteration, however, we found it more tedious than fun after the initial experience so it was removed and camping simplified.

So in short, what's in the trailer isn't in the game anymore. Some elements of the old camping may return in combat. Like how you can place landmines during combat (which was originally designed for camping defense).

As for the testing grounds, it'd disabled temporarily and will return with more features to test in it.


It's been awhile since I last played this. It is kind of interesting that you found it mostly tedious though. I can see how it might eventually get a bit time consuming if you played for awhile. I kind of found defending the camp to be fun though.  Trenches are pretty cool too. Although, I mostly play foxhole for trench stuff now.

I honestly had mostly forgotten about this game, but had fun when I played the demo from 2ish years ago. 

But, I am trying it out again.  The concept and basic gameplay is pretty fun. So, I am looking forward to seeing the progress that has been made.


ok thanks

I would really like to build such defences, but its your game, you make the decisions. 


I have just finished to play your V0.8.1.2, and I've got a great time doing it.

I have great hope in the finished game.

Thank you!!

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At the end I was thinking “That can’t be it??? NO, please, no I want more”. That was incredible.

In the very last mission it was impossible to see anything. I’m not sure if it was intended but it didn’t feel great.


Thank you for playing the new update!
Regarding the last mission being hard to see, that's not intended and probably a bug.
Were you playing on Linux?

(1 edit) (+1)

Yes. Debian 12 with KDE (X11)

Edit, I played through the game again,


Oh yeah, that is a bug.
We'll look into this. Thank you for letting us know!


I broke it again. I have no idea what happened. She also seemed to refuse to shoot.. I guess it makes sense with her arms broken like that.

thanks for reporting.  If you can tell me what triggers it, that'd help in debugging the issue.
for now, if you unequip and re-equip rifle it should rest the animation


I first played this a couple years ago when there was only a few maps. And it made a huge impression on me. I'm so happy that the Dev is still working on it, keep up the good work!

Thank you!!


Anyone passed Sabata Campaign? Seems too hard for me

Sorry about the late reply and thank you for joining our discord! Please try the newly uploaded v0.8.1.1!


Music was nice
Enjoyed the way the character icons changed when "blood" levels changed
Liked the feel of Commandos (Behind Enemy Lines 1998) and Valkyria Chronicles (2008), love both those games.
The overall feel was pretty good.

I noticed some small spelling errors dotting the place. Most noticeable was moveing (should obviously be moving) on the info on how to use the map.
The AI pathing was off at times, with characters pushing each other around rather than walking wide, even pushing someone out of cover.
They also never seemed to shoot unless shot at first or I clicked to shoot.
Marker to show facing took too long to jump up.
When selecting multiple units and moving I would have preferred the facing to rotate the whole group rather than each person in the group, meant I couldn't have the line facing out, sometimes they would face each other.

Also, not sure if I got this wrong. But I was sure the info told me fatigue was the blue dots on the left, but seemed to be based on the green dots on the right.

Map scale is also off. According to the scale they walked about 150 km in a day... not feasible. I just got interested when looking around the map and it was a cool thing, but it's just not right.

thank you for playing UW and for the feedbacks!
while most of what you said here is till valid, please note that itch version is an old version of the game. We have contacted support to increase file size limit but haven't gotten anything back from them for a while now.

You can play the new update through Steam free demo. I know Steam isn't an option for some people, so we might upload it in some other link if Itch support doesn't reply soon.

Sabata Campaign seems too hard, and how to spend skill points?

(1 edit) (+1)

if you add a map editor and mods this game wood be the best.


for all of those who get crashes upon moving or opening training mode, and are on windows, you need the correct version for your windows system, if its 32 download the UW_v0.7.3.7_Build_Win_x86.zip version

for 64 systems UW_v0.7.3.7_Build_Win_x86_64.zip version

if you are unsure of what version your windows is just download and test both.


Is just keep crashing,it show fatal error message everytime i move my team or open training mode.

git the UW_v0.7.3.7_Build_Win_x86.zip version and the  UW_v0.7.3.7_Build_Win_x86_64.zip version


if i try to move my team in campain mode. game will give me a fatal crash. and i cant do anything. i very hope that you will repair this thing

Yes, me too. Do you have any solution?

no i don`t have a solution

(1 edit)

i have a solution git the UW_v0.7.3.7_Build_Win_x86.zip version and the  UW_v0.7.3.7_Build_Win_x86_64.zip version.

that worked for me


Pro-tip if you don't have a supercomputer or are even on a gaming laptop: the first thing you should do after starting the game up is go to Settings > Graphics > Vsync > On (Halved Framerate - optional).

When I tried to run this before enabling Vsync, it was performing very well through the intro on medium settings, and should have had no problem as nothing was moving in the story scenes, but just as I was starting to get into the meat of the game my whole laptop froze (opposite to literally) as the unlimited FPS was turning the graphics card into a space heater. I could no longer even kill the process, I could only hard-reset and then wait for it to cool for a while before it would allow me to boot again.

I had briefly forgotten that this was an issue with Unity games, but I've never seen it get that bad before. O_O


Should've been named Unconventional Warfare Unlimited


system requirements?
(3 edits) (+1)

From the graphics and gameplay the system requirments are:

Intel i3 or i5 maybe 
8gb ram 
idk bout the gpu maybe a 

ATI Radeon HD 5850 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX470 with 1GB VRAM

im not sure about the cpu and gpu but im positive about the ram

That's the minimum

This is just a guess for the system requirement so don't expect to have this specs and play the game without any sort of lag

fbi i am sorry

How to fix tanks?

you need maintenance tools and spare parts as well as someone that  has the support class and mechanic skill and has them active then when you are camping you can place the maintenance tools as you do a tent or campfire then you tell the person with skill to use the maintenance tools and he will also need to have the spare parts on him


I love the game but the font causes it to become hard to read at times but other than tha I would have to say that this is a really good game for a beta testing. I have also played this twice on my live stream as well. Anyone thinking about downloading it you could see the streams to get a little understanding of the game. Overall amazing game!

Sorry for the super late reply.
Thank you for playing and streaming UW, your footage is super helpful even months after!

I am glad that the footage was helpful! I might be coming back to this game because of how fun and interesting it was!


Hey, I've been having problems loading the level at the Refugee Camp after meeting Bonnie, do you have any idea what I could do, or why it's happening?

i have the same problem

It even persisted when I started a new save.

(1 edit)

I've tested it out and it seems that this level just takes a long time to load (6 or so minutes). As far as I've checked waiting is the only solution

I've tried leaving it on overnight and it still didn't load


The game is good, the ai  are decent. Sometimes they follow you're command and sometimes they don't, i'm also having a problem when it comes to my team being incapacitated. All of my teams have the ability of the medics but they can't heal their teammates. Plus Kayla the medic can't revive some of my incapacitated teammates, she just say she doesn't have FAK but she has 5 and she says she is not a medic, i'm also having problems when it comes to fixing the tank because I just recently got it but it's ok, theres another problem for me. When I come back to the refugee camp with the scott loli i'm just stuck on the loading screen for an hour maybe it's a bug or maybe it's my macs problem, but this game is only a demo I don't expect it to be perfect. The game is good I give you that even the story, i'm looking forward to you're game I have high expectations when it is in full release.


Thank you for your kind words and for the bug reports!
for the medic and abilities, they have to be unlocked AND active. You can only have 1 class and 1 ability active at once per character.


I remember playing it before I updated my Mac to a Catalina which uses 64bit, unfortunately because the game only runs in 32bit I can no longer play.

 The game was in-fact very fun and entertaining and I've just sitting there for quite some time messing with it.

Now that I miss playing it, can it be updated to 64bit? Thanks a lot for the game.

(1 edit) (+1)

mate...don't you know how Itch work?

click on "install" then once the download screen pop up, click on the "insall" case, and there you'll see there's the 32 bit default version and the 64 bit ^^ have fun. I wish i could even play this game at all but with my graphic card dead... that's a bit nope for me ahah... it looks fun, albeit a bit complicated. Wish i'd seen the kickstarter... would have so invested in it

also, in fact you even have on this very page the "download" section with all the different versions, aka : linux, mac, 32 and 64 bit ^^


Hey thanks for the tip!

You're welcom ahah! sorry late answer~ Hope you got to enjoy that game


if your CPU has integrated graphics, you can still play it. I play this game in my i5-4200U with no dedicated GPU at all. You just have to play at lower settings though.

i could, if it doesn't require me direct X or openGL or shits ahah. But even then, that would steal take a huge toll on my computer as in it itself it's not quite a powerfull one. I can't run minecraft, i barely can play panzercorp and some GBA games. Anything too detailed or moving too much is a nope...if i even manage to start it without it telling me "you don't have directx/opengl/unity so rip"

(1 edit) (+1)

I played v0.6.0

It was nice

Granted it took me nearly 60 in-game days, coz aside from farming for that Scottish Loli, I was hoping I can find sweet new weapons. All I get is the early Czech semi-auto rifle,  Trench Gun(which is a boon, lol), and another Korelev-Hesta whatever the name of Not!Mosin. Still I ran to some issue.

  • Attack ground with a tank still has issue. Although I find the trick to it is make sure they are not locked onto anything, sometimes, they took ages to fire, making the tank an unreliable asset aside from serving as mobile cover. Often times, I have it crewed by two, and have the driver to dismount and take cover once on good position.
  • There is a problem with Trench gun, like, they are unpredictable when the hell will they shoot. Though I haven't played the 6.2 patch, a shame they got nerfed. Trenchgun sniping was kewl and pays no respect on people on cover, lol. Especialy when on lvl3 where it doesn't pay heed to its range and just shoots people outside of range as long as LOS is there.
  • Loading some mission has problems. Sometimes, they took ages, sometimes, I am forced to restart. You might want to look into that.
  • The story is a good ride, although, early on, I am frustrated by the blood level mechanic, making early game difficult as I cannot easily treat injuries. Speaking of which, a shame FAKs is only good for revive and not treating injuries in the midst of battle or travelling. Could ease the pressure instead of relying on blood transfusion, and gambling with extra ration hoping they recovered enough and not get into a fight.
  • I hope some mechanics is available while on settlement, like be able to use blood transfusion, and potentially, repair tanks.
  • Another problem is the shops are not regenerating wares. Make it come up after a set amount of time, new items to sell. It gets difficult when you can;t find a place to buy rations, ammo and other essentials. Worse, the enemy doesn't bring drops anymore.
  • Can we now get a means to expand Squad inventory in the next update?
  • Another problem is when loading a save, camp equipment goes *POOF*. Like, where the hell is my practice target? My campfire? And the transfusion bed? I lost them several times because of that.
  • For story missions, can you add some checkpoints? The hold the line mission at the Refugee camp and Imon Mine can be frustating. Granted I find my way around the last one, having to repeat all over is frustating.
  • The lean mechanic is kewl. PRoblem is its hard to determine if they will lean over until they are there. Perhaps, a UI that will show that the character will lean at that wall? Its hard to notice even if it will shos LOS while still in cover, or that the coveraged UI showing it.
  • FOr some obstacles, like walls, fences and low covers, perhaps some can be jumped over? It's hard to flank or move if they were like that.

Overall, the initial story is a good ride, and I look toward to see more! ^^


I almost forgot, there are other issues:

  • UI problems, sometimes on Inventory, some of parts of the avatar picture goes missing.
  • Another problem with UI is they are not resolution friendly. Try to use Unity's Canvas Scaler for that. It simplifies UI layout and coding.

Thank you for playing v0.6 and the detailed feedbacks and sorry for the late reply. v0.6.3 update addresses some of the issues you found but others will have to wait until v0.7.
We're working to overhaul some of the core components to fix issues and improve gameplay.


Hi, The Game crashes on me when I try to launch it.

UW_v0.6.1_Build_wind64.zip on Windows 8.1

It just does the casual "Has stopped working [...] close the application".
Trying to open it as Administrator doesn't help.

I'm sorry about the issue and for the late response. Could you try the new v0.6.3 and see if that works?

No worries, about the late reply.

But I 've deleted the old and downloaded the new version of the Game and the problem still persists.

do you mind sending me your log & save files?
you can use any fire sharing service or zip it & send it to unwargame@gmail.com
you can find them following these steps : 

Then the files are inside ..\LocalLow\Nightlife Strangers\Unconventional Warfare


How do I divide ammo? Right now I have one guy stacked with lots of ammo while everyone else barely have any heh


Hold "shift" then the drag the ammo to the inventory of choice

(1 edit) (+1)

After playing for roughly 2 hours, I've stumbled upon an issue.

  • After the retreating from the battle against little Emi and her soldiers (which was so epic!), I was then about to go to Zabala as instructed. I then had an enemy encounter. But upon loading the battlefield, my squad didn't load entirely and the enemies aren't responding, even if I pressed play (spacebar). Only Bragg loaded, but also unresponsive. So I reloaded and went with a different route to Zabala. Dialogue cutscenes are working fine, but when I went to the thieve's location for the next objective, the error happened again.

         Reloading the save doesn't fix it, I keep getting the same results.

  • Also, I can't make my squad prone for some reason? I keep pressing "z" but nothing is happening, also tried to change keybind but that too doesn't work. Perhaps it is a skill that I need to unlock first?

I would like to post some more bugs and errors, together with my thoughts and suggestions--but I think I'll post it in another time when I played the game in its entirety. I am loving the demo so far~♪ (guess I'll start a new game though >.<)

You're too kind! This should've been fixed now. There was an issue with this specific level. Thank you so much for reporting the bugs!

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