v0.7.2 Update

Yet again, an update took longer than we expected. We wanted to use this update to clean up some old, messy code to make our job easier in the future. As these things go, it cascaded into us having to rewrite a substantial amount of code. This is the reason for why this update took us so long. Some construction sites remain for the next two updates, but the bulk of the code cleaning has been finished.

Here's what's new in v0.7.2 :

New Weapon Stats   

We've reworked the entire item system of UW. This affects all types of items, but you'll notice the biggest differences in how weapons and ammo work.

  • Each item type can have multiple different variations and tiers
  • Additional stats to differentiate each weapon and ammo
  • Ammunition provides stats like base damage and range for compatible weapons
  • Different weapons use different types of ammo

The primary motivation for this rewrite was to make it easier for us to add new items to the game. Please tell us what you'd like to see and we'll see if we can add it. Also, please let us know whether managing the different ammo types (and the respective tiers) is annoying. During our internal playtesting sessions, we found that it might be a bit too much micromanagement.

Deployable Weapons 

Set up a crossfire and mow down your enemies.

As shown in our April update post, we've added new deployable type weapons. These are bigger weapons (for you) such as a heavy/medium machine gun or a mortar.

  • Deployable weapons fit in the backpack slot instead of the weapon slot.
  • They need to be deployed before use, which makes the carrier vulnerable for the duration.
  • You can use normal weapons while carrying deployable weapons but they're heavy and will slow you down.

New Inventory System 

You'll need to think more carefully about how your squad carries items with the new inventory system.

  • Most items are limited to specific types of inventory slots now
  • Equipment, weapon and ammo slots can only contain items of the respective types
  • General purpose slots that can contain any item require the character to equip a backpack
  • Accessing items in the backpack during combat will take time and leaves you vulnerable

And More  

  • Weapon maintenance is more important now as firearms can explode in a soldier's face when neglected for too long
  • You can now select who you want to deploy during random encounters
  • Tanks can cook off when damaged or heated, setting off ammo in its inventory.
  • You can access more cheat codes from terminal (F12). Type "help" to view available commands and cheats.

What’s next?

We've shifted around tasks from the previously posted milestone and moved some of the ambitious yet non-essential tasks out of the list. We might bring some of them back later. Our goal is to focus on what's important first to make playable v0.8 first.

v0.7.3 :

  • New combat objectives 

        - More than just “kill everything”, “survive x waves” and “reach place on map”

  • New world map quest management
  • Improved cover system

        - No more pixel hunting to get characters behind cover

        - Automatically align multiple characters with a single click

  • New enemy types
  • Melee (minor update not too different from current melee)

v0.7.4 :

  • Class system
  • Possibly more
It's not like I want you to play UW or anything!

Thank you for your support! Please continue to share your ideas with us and feel free to ask us any questions you might have (preferably via our Discord server).


UW_v0.7.2.2_Build_Linux_x86_64.7z 487 MB
Sep 25, 2021
UW_v0.7.2.2_Build_Win_x86.7z 445 MB
Sep 25, 2021
UW_v0.7.2.2_Build_Win_x86_64.7z 447 MB
Sep 25, 2021

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