v0.6.1 Patch & what's new in v0.6

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Please checkout our Kickstarter if you haven't yet and share the link with your friends. We really need your help to complete and release UW.

What's new in v0.6.0 : 

  • Merged story and dynamic mode. Yes, UW now has a story.
  • Added VN gameplay aspects
  • Added quests to world map
  • Added new world map UI
  • Completely revamped unit health system
  • Completely revamped tank damage system
  • Added hunger, fatigue & rationing to world map
  • New random events
  • Added new enemy tankette
  • Added new maps
  • Added new characters
  • Added new weapons
  • New classes & abilities
  • Added weapon proficiency system
  • New deferred cel shading
  • Added preliminary CC soundtrack
  • Many more tweaks, fixes and additions

What's improved in v0.6.1 :

  • Added two more autosave slots. Game now cycles through them
  • Nerfed shotgun damage, spread and range
  • You now get spare parts in loot after defeating enemy tanks
  • Fix various crashes related to UI logic and corrupted save files
  • Fixed camp raiders not attacking player position
  • Fixed characters going below 0 health which prevented anyone from spawning the next time you opened a map
  • Quick fix to make old UI work with aspect ratios other than 16:9
  • Fixed not being able to place sandbags in Imon
  • Fixed store item duplication when switching tabs
  • Fixed store cost calculation when using shift+lmb
  • Fix illegal character in Wild Boar event option
  • Fix not being able to swap weapons between character inventories
  • Fix unequipping weapon into own character inventory deleting it
  • Improve Bragg shotgun animations

Our public bug tracker can be viewed here.

Our two programmers will split up now. One will move on to working on 0.7 whereas the other will continue to support 0.6.x for now.

We'll soon release a v0.6.2 patch and focus all in v0.7 unless there's a serious issue that needs fixing in v0.6.2. We can't wait to show everyone what more we have planned for the combat overhaul in v0.7. Please stay tuned.

I'm sorry that updates have been slow on itch in comparison to Steam, a small dev team handling both Kickstarter marketing and development is keeping us busy both mentally and physically. We'll try harder and do our best to handle both well. 

Thank you always for your support!


UW_v0.6.1_Build_mac(Unofficial).zip 691 MB
Mar 11, 2020
UW_v0.6.1_Build_win_32.zip 655 MB
Mar 11, 2020
UW_v0.6.1_Build_win_64.zip 657 MB
Mar 11, 2020
UW_v0.6.1_Build_linux.zip 706 MB
Mar 11, 2020

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I understand correctly about First Aid Kit is FAK, right? And yes, she still are a medic ?

FOr medics to do their thing, go to soldiers window(helmet icon), and make sure that the Medic Skill is selected.

Deleted 2 years ago

Oh ok i understand thank you!

AWWW, shotgun got nerfed. Well, at least it can make shotgunning unreliable. People I armed with shotguns is hard to predict when the hell are they going to shoot. At least, they keep up with awesome damage and lack of respect for people with cover. Unfortunately, its a double edge sword as I managed to count two people with trench guns used against my team in Imon Mine.