v0.7.0 Update

As we've said in the previous posts, most of our efforts have been on the back-end of UW for this version. Fixing and cleaning this will enable us to add more features faster in the future.  This is good news but also means that you might not see enough visible changes in the front-end for now.  We'll do our best to deliver new features more quickly.

Here's what's new in v0.7.0 :
  • Fire system : Grass, bushes and trees will spread fire over time and you don't wanna be near the fire.
  • New weapons : There are 5 new weapons(4 of which are our backer weapons) including a flamethrower and a Thompson SMG.
  • Automatic error detection & log sender : You will get a pop-up window if your previous gameplay crashed or was problematic. You can also manually send a log file or open log folder via settings menu.  
  • Testing ground : You can now access the new Testing ground from the main menu where you can test different classes, tanks and weapons of UW freely. 
  • Minor gameplay changes : including stores having more items, enemies dropping more variety of items, global weapon accuracy increased and more. 
  • Backend improvements : No visible changes. Will allow better bug tracking & feature addition.

We're already working on v0.7.1 which will be focused around combat improvements including improved melee abilities, better cover & flanking system and more.

Here's a sneak peek of bayonet charge that we're working on atm for the v0.7.1.

Again, this isn't included in this v0.7.0 update but I wanted to share that a lot of front-end improvements are coming!

Thank you for all the bug reports and feedback. Please keep sharing your ideas with us!


UW_v0.7.0.3_Build_win_32.zip 699 MB
Sep 28, 2020
UW_v0.7.0.3_Build_win_64.zip 702 MB
Sep 28, 2020
UW_v0.7.0.3_Build_linux.zip 807 MB
Sep 28, 2020

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I don't know if this is a new bug. But something seems to be wrong with the armor penalties. For some reason when I switched between helmets and armor to Bandoliers and Berets not only did the agility penalties remained, but it actually added onto it when I put the armor back on and the Ironclad skill doesn't seem to be helping. Some characters have a -8 agility.